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Protecting your Peace of Mind while Pregnant

Cutting certain conversations

Somehow when you become pregnant everyone wants to tell you about what you need to do and how awful their pregnancy or birth experience was. DON’T LET THEM SIS! I’m sure most of them mean well and sometimes people just get awkward and don’t know what else to talk about regarding you and your bump. Yet, I am sure you have the intuition about what you want to dd, getting information from your medical provider, and your phone (the phone knows you're pregnant, am I right?). I know it’s not easy but you are capable of asserting conversational boundaries. When it comes to our family, especially our parents, it can be challenging because as women we love to protect feelings. This is an imperative time to protect your feelings, your peace, and the peace for your baby. Before you see people think of some go to scripts. You may find these helpful: “I am really excited about my plans, so this election, wooo?!” or “I’ve been trying to keep my nerves down, anything you enjoyed about being pregnant?” or “I’ve been so bored talking about pregnancy, how have you been doing?” It doesn’t have to be dry or disrespectful, it can be clear. If you have folks who are persistent consider being in another space that doesn’t include them. A bit easier these days with social distancing.

Go to bed!

Now! Well after you read this! You are growing a human and that can drain so much of your energy. Pregnant women are known to need more sleep. Sleep is arguably one of the most important tools to maintain your mental health. Getting your sleep means protecting your time from others and yourself! The cleaning can wait, that additional amazon order can too and your bank account will thank you. Even if you are not sleeping for the entire time, at least make it a point to lay down and rest.

Maintain your Joy

I am going to preach this until the day I die. Baby in the belly or not, continue doing what makes you smile and light up. Pregnant persons can get so caught up in the events, home décor, baby items, that it can begin the process of forgetting your joy. Again, protect your time and keep this joy in your life. If it happens to be a strenuous activity ask your medical providers HOW you can continue doing this? Are their certain adjustments you need to make? If you find yourself like me and needing to be on bed rest reimagine different kinds of joy. Many people enjoy coloring or creating art.

Filtering Negative Content

News always tended to lean towards the negative side of things, but this 2020 news is on a whole 'notha level (yes, you read that right, lol). As humans we have enough of our own personal negativity that comes up. As a human growing another human additional negative emotions can come about. Reducing your news and social media news outlets can really do wonders for improving your mood. If you are really ‘bout that life you can omit the news consumption entirely. I find on a spiritual and practical level you find out everything you need to know from those close to you. If you'er reading this like, “Ok Shenee, that’s too intense!” If you watch the news every morning, see about just watching it a few times a week. If you follow news outlets on your social media see if you can unfollow some of them.

Which one of these can you implement today? Are there other things you do to protect your peace? Comment below!

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