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  • What is the fee for counseling? Do you accept insurance?
    Ashley Bonhomme, M.S., PMH-C, CADCII is currently accepting clients at a reduced rate of $115 per 60-minute session. She currently accepts Aetna & Cigna/Evernorth insurance. We are also able to accept clients who are experiencing financial limitations, you can learn more within a free 15-minute consultation book here, .
  • I am not a mother-birthing person, can I still get services?
    Yes, we offer counseling for to a variety of people. We really pride ourselves on our specialized training for mothers-birthing people AND we are counselors who are very skilled and have decades of experience counseling diverse populations. Booking a free 15-minute consulation is helpful to determine if we are the best counselor for your needs.
  • How long will it take me to feel better?
    We find on average clients experience relief after about 4 sessions, a month. We find that transformative healing happens around 3-6 months.
  • How often would we meet?
    You will meet with your counselor on a weekly basis, as we find this consistency helps folks to feel better sooner. When you are futher along in healing (usually, after 12 sessions) you and your counselor can explore reducing your sessions to every other week.
  • When is the soonest I can start and what are your available hours/days?
    You can book a session, typically, within 5 week days. Our avaiable days are Monday-Friday, hours are from 9am-2pm and 4pm-8pm.
  • Do you offer sessions in person?
    We do not, we offer our sessions virtually.
  • I am not sure if I'm ready to book, can I ask the counselor some questions first?
    Ashley Bonhomme, M.S., PMH-C, CADCII is currently offering free 15-minute video consultation. You are welcome to share your current pain points and any questions you have about starting counseling services. Ashley will answer your questions and tell you the next steps to begin, when you are ready.
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