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Anxiety while Pregnant

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Finding yourself nervous? Hard to focus on things? Losing sleep as you worry? It could be possible that you are experiencing anxiety. Pregnancy is an interesting time while the hormone changes can cause the typical 'pregnant symptoms' it can also cause changes in your mood. At times, this anxiety can cause panic attacks leading pregnant women to actually believe their physical health is in jeopardy. Lets explore the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. Please do not use this to attempt to diagnosis yourself, just use this as an educational tool.

Anxiety looks different from one person the the next. One of the symptoms that are most often overlooked is irritability. No one wants to be fearful throughout the day, this can be a frustrating experience. In my experience this can cause my clients to have issues within their romantic relationships. While pregnant, the fears tend to be about her health and the health of her baby. This current pandemic is definitely not making those experiencing anxiety any better. I will refer to the therapist bible (DSM 5) for the overview of symptoms for anxiety disorder: -excessive anxiety and worry -issues controlling one's worry -irritability, agitation -restless, inability to sit still -poor concentration -sleep issues, easily fatigued -increased somatic symptoms (muscle tension, racing heart, shortness of breath, digestion issues)

Panic Attacks remind me that the mind and body are definitely connected! For some individuals anxiety can turn into a full body experience of fear. I've had some clients describe it as feeling like they are not in control of their body. Women that are pregnant tend to get this diagnosis from going to the emergency room. Panic Disorder differs from anxiety disorder: -intense fear reaching a peak within moments -shortness of breath, chest pain, sensations of choking, dizziness -trembling, rapid heart beat, hot/cold flashes, numbness/tingling -constant fear of "going crazy", fear of future attacks -difficulty understanding the trigger

If you find that you can relate to these experiences know that you do not have to suffer throughout this pregnancy. I have helped many clients and I am prepared to help you. Email me at to schedule your free consultation.

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