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You love your baby but being a mom, not so much...

Shenee Johnson, LPC

Stressed Woman

The tears, worries, & irritation...

A full nights rest, are days of the past. The never ending to-do list keeps you up. You can't remember the last time you've had your hair done. You just wish you could escape.

Prenatal Yoga

You're not that excited about being pregnant

You're wondering how this is going to work. Your career is important to you. You hold everything down at home. You've asked for help, but it just gets done best when you do it. By brining in this new life, how will balance be possible? The math isn't mathing.

Shenee Bend, LPC


Ashley Bonhomme, MS, PMH-C, CADCII

You want to enjoy motherhood & feel like yourself again.

We SEE you, and want to guide you through this challanging time. You have the power to walk through this, you just may need support right now. We are ready to start your healing journey.

We specialize in pregnant and postpartum mental health. We collectively have over 25 years of experience in the mental health feild. We are liberation, womanist focused invested in the freedom for Black women from the systems of oppression. 

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Are you feeling sad or depressed?
Has it been hard to bond with your baby?
Do you feel irritable of angry?
Are you having scary thoughts you can't get out of your head?
Do you feel nervous or panicky?
Are you having issues eating or sleeping?
Do you feel like you're "out of control" or "going crazy?"
Are you worried you might hurt your baby?

Some or all of these could be signs you are experiencing a perinatal mood & anxiety disorder

Mother and Daughter
Crib Mobile

"Ok, ya'll, I'm ready to start counseling, get me booked!" 

Happy Family


-Former Client

“Shenee has change my life in so many ways. My life was a wreck before I met her. She helped me to have the self esteem I need to leave my toxic relationship. She is so great at what she does. I know I won't find a better therapist.”


Sana Cuffey


Wondering if we are a good counseling fit? Do you want some resources that can help you right now? Schedule a complimentary 15-minute video consultation below.

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