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I understand...


I felt guilty, sadness, helplessness.... all the feels!!! I was ordered to spend a month in the hospital. I had some bleeding that the doctors couldn't explain. They determined it safer for me and my baby boy to stay monitored until he was born. I had daily monitoring (you know, those round plastic pads with the pink and blue straps leaving you unable to move, for what seems like forever?!), ultra sounds several times a week, and constant vital checks. I was basically on bed rest in a hospital.

I was sad that I was away from my family and unable to enjoy the end of my pregnancy the way I imagined. Guilty, thinking, "did I do something wrong? was I working too hard?" I felt helpless. I've always believed my body to be very strong. I'm the annoying mom that brags about choosing not to have an epidural. I just felt like my body had become incapable.

Despite these challenges, I also had a beautiful spiritual experience. I kept telling myself, I am here because I am suppose to be here. I was so grateful to be a therapist and have my own tools (affirmations, thought challenges, therapist friends!) I also had amazing support including hour long phone calls with my friends and family.

I asked the nurses about the other pregnant mothers on my floor. Some were ordered to be there for several months with much more intense complications. I asked, "do they have a therapist?" They said these women did not, and some were "very depressed, sitting in the dark,  and one refusing to bathe" I felt such a calling that I was suppose to help these women.

My name is Shenne Bend. I've served in the mental health field for over 13 years. I provided counseling to mothers for the past five years, treating them for stress, anxiety, and depression. I have an online therapy practice and I treat my clients in Georgia, statewide. I really look forward to hearing from you, lets schedule your free consultation. 



Are we a good fit?

We meet online, you tell me your current pain points, and I express how I can best assist you. If I find we are not a good fit I will provide you some resources. If we are a good fit and you decide to go forward we will schedule our assessment & planning session. 15 minutes, no charge.


Symptoms & Goals

Paperwork time! I explore with you your clinical symptoms and presentation. We decide on the best treatment goals. We sign off on the legal documentation to begin services. This is all completed online. Up to 90 minutes. $150.



Let the healing begin

We begin the counseling journey. We will remain together for as long as you wish.  My therapeutic approach is Acceptance & Commitment Therapy as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. All sessions are online. $150 per 50 minute session.





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