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This mom thing is not feeling so beautiful and natural like they say

Stressed Woman

Your crying baby is sounding like nails on a chalkboard.

You’re wishing you could be whisked away, on a far away island. You're missing your old life, kid free. The never ending to do list keeps you up at night. 

Prenatal Yoga

That pregnancy glow has not quite kicked in.

You're wondering how you ended up here.  In constant arguments with your partner, thinking ‘why don't they get it?’ The stress of things making you feel like you can’t breathe? The sadness making you feel like you’re drowning?

Shenee Bend, LPC


You KNOW there is better.

You know that you don’t have to suffer. I SEE you and I want to guide you out of this tough time. You have the power to walk through this, you may just need my hand right now. I'm ready to start counseling with you.

I counsel people through their pregnancy journey & beyond. I have a proven track record of treating hundreds of parents experiencing mental health issues. I have a special interest in serving persons experiencing pregnancy complications and/or bed rest.

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Are you feeling sad or depressed?
Has it been hard to bond with your baby?
Do you feel irritable of angry?
Are you having scary thoughts you can't get out of your head?
Do you feel nervous or panicky?
Are you having issues eating or sleeping?
Do you feel like you're "out of control" or "going crazy?"
Are you worried you might hurt your baby?

Some or all of these could be signs you are experiencing a perinatal mood & anxiety disorder

Couple with their Baby
Crib Mobile

I don't think I really need counseling...

I'm really strong, if I try, I can make myself happier and less stressed, right?

I know you are strong, you wouldn't be here seeking information and help if you weren't. You are aware of yourself enough to make it here, that is a strength. There is a ton of free tips and information, including my free mini session. Depending, on how severe your troubles are, it may help you for a couple days. But having a counseling sessions allows your care to be personalized. If I know your exact symptoms and circumstances, I can use therapy techniques that are best suited for you. Counseling also alows you to get better, sooner.

I think it's just my hormones, there is not much that can be done, ill be better soon right?

It could very well be your hormones, but you do have a lot of control, especially with counseling. The mind can control the body and vise versus. There are several causes of depression or anxiety while pregnant of postpartum. It can be social, psychological, or biological stressors contributing. Risk factors can include hormonal sensitivities or family history of mental illness. But let's be real, does the cause really matter when you are suffering now?

If I just go to church & pray more I should be alright, right Shenee?

I think spirituality and religion are very helpful supports in life. Why not consider having both in your life? I believe that God (universe/source) created certain people with gifts and the intelligence to create science to help others. I don't image you would pray a broken arm away. Mental health is very important. Why not take advantage of all help that is available to you?

"Ok, Shenee, I'm ready to start counseling, get me booked!" 

Happy Family


-Former Client

“Shenee has change my life in so many ways. My life was a wreck before I met her. She helped me to have the self esteem I need to leave my toxic relationship. She is so great at what she does. I know I won't find a better therapist.”

Why Shenee is the counselor for you...



2 children. Experienced a bed rest, pregnancy complication


Serve no more than 9 clients at a time. Very focused, individualized treatment.


 From California. Lived in Alabama, Florida, & now Georgia.


Specialize in perinatal mental health & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


Licensed in Georgia. Registered for Florida. Other states due to Covid-19.


Served in the mental health field over 15 years.


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