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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Thoughts can create and destroy our realities. Material things in our lives, started with someone's thought. Our thoughts have created certain life circumstances. Thoughts can also destroy relationships, including the relationship with ourselves. Like external realities, our thoughts can create and destroy our internal realities. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a technique that allows us to shift your internal thoughts so that you can create mental wellness. 

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The theory within this technique asserts that our thoughts affect our mood. There are several studies that confirm that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the most effective treatments for pregnant & postpartum women experiencing mental distress. The process of this treatment includes reflecting on your thoughts, identifying negative thought patterns, challenging such thoughts, and replacing them with more helpful thoughts. Our work will also include psycho-education about relaxation techniques as you are coping with your negative mood, especially in the beginning.

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This work requires that you complete some assignments outside of session. The sustaining changes happen with the work you do outside of sessions. It would be very similar to a physical trainer you meet once a week, the major shifts for your body will be the work do outside of your sessions. This will also allow you to see emotional improvements sooner than later and to make the most use of your financial investment in your counseling with me. 

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